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The enigma of fragrance

Of all the senses smell must be the most mysterious. It can be explained, naturally, but that doesn’t make it any more readily understood, if you see what we mean. Not a problem as far as we’re concerned, as it can be rather more pleasurable not to know, but to explore a thing, as it were, uncharted.

Smell occupies a pleasing atmosphere of strangeness that gives the imagination plenty to work on. More so by far than sight, hearing, or touch. Perhaps closest is taste, and there’s a reason for that, since part of the equipment for smelling shares some of taste’s space in the mouth. It is consequently a unending source of new sensations.

Our objective is to explore the realm of scent and fragrance creating combinations and experiences that are memorable and enriching. We like to look on it as a kind of alchemy – not exactly chemistry, not exact at all, part art, part science, part accident, part inspiration. The products that we produce are all deeply conscientious which is why we hope we stand out from the crowd.

Our ethics

Local and Artisan are precious
We’re only in East Anglia; our products are made in an artisan lab and delivered by hand, in our electric van, to our stockists and speciality hotels and resorts.

Conscientious ingredients rule
We want you to feel that you are being kind to your body and the world. None of our products contain phthalates, paraben (soap preservatives which become embedded into your body), sulphates (major cause of eczema outbreaks) or palm oil (destroying rainforests and apes). When we do use synthetic scent, we use ones that are low allergen and non-toxic in a carrier.

Being ethical and vegan-friendly
We want you to feel confident that there is no hurt or exploitation in the process of our making delicious scents and products for you, so:

We really research how our ingredients are made.
We source from ethical suppliers who share our values.
We avoid anything with animal testing (e.g. Augeo used in traditional diffusers).
We employ locally skilled people and have good rates of pay.
We’re not going to be massive – we strive for perfection not growth.
We’re ambitious but only when it comes to quality. We want to make the very ‘best of breed’ scents for the very discerning. 

Follow the joy
We are hugely joyous people making hopefully joyous products. We hope you agree!