Making Scents 4 Brands

What would your brand smell like if it had a scent? What associations would that have for clients? How would clients relate to this scent? Does the scent provide you with an opportunity to have a meaningful dialogue with your clients?

Case Study: Accor Hotels UK
Accor Hotels wanted to use scent as an engaging way to communicate and inspire prestigious clients about the diverse range of their hotel brands. Key Management worked with Loggique to translate the brand values for each of their hotel chains into scent formulas and from that into candles. would


Clients were asked whether the scent matched their experience of the Hotel Brands and then offered the opportunity to blend their own candle from these fragrances. A key deliverable of the project was a Accor Hotel Scent Logo which was to be an amalgamation of all the hotel brand scents.

Specifically, Hotel Brand Sofitel has brand values ‘chic and passionate’ and so an exclusive jasmine and white rose was developed for discussion with clients. We asked clients ‘does this scent say ‘chic and passionate’ ? All without exception said ‘yes’.

Most significantly, the discussion focussed around the Accor Brand Scent which was the amalgamation of all the scents. Many clients chose to make the Accor scent as their preferred blend for their candle.

The day was a huge success and this is mainly due to your enthusiasm and embracing the concept of what we were trying to achieve with our brands.. you and your business with become firm partners of AccorHotels.
— Debi du Preez, M&E Strategic & Key Account Director, Accor Hotels

Case Study: Global Philanthropic

To support their highly prestigious International Conference, Global Philanthropic created a Scent Workshop with the objective to create a Scent Logo and Corporate Candle. Each country within this company was invited to blend their own unique interpretation of the brand values into a candle. There was then a vote on which candle best represented the core values of Global Philanthropic. Humour, passion and high levels of concentration, made this workshop extremely successful and clients adored the resulting scent and candle.

Her candle/team event is quite brilliant and we got that Global Philanthropic Candle Combination off to the patent office now it’s that good....She is quite brilliant; huge knowledge and it’s a great and innovative way of getting together.
— Ben Morton Wright President & Group CEO Global Philanthropic Worldwide Group of Companies

Case Study: Jumeriah Hotels

Jumeriah Hotels wanted to offer their most prestigious clients a Scented Candle workshop. They sought to offer the best in hospitality by offering a wonderful opportunity to design, blend and create the perfect candle. The workshop was run a number of times and considered to be a great success on every occasion.

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G for starters – what a fabulous workshop – one of the best if not the best that we have hosted – I loved every minute of it. Your passion and enthusiasm is infectious. We are receiving raving comments from our clients and colleagues as we speak THANK YOU…
— Andre Van Der Bijl Director of Global Sales - Groups UK, Ireland & Scandinavia

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