Loggique loves the enigma of fragrance

Pauline Bickerton,  Scent-Maker-Alchemist

Pauline Bickerton,

Of all the senses smell must be the most mysterious. It can be explained, naturally, but that doesn’t make it any more readily understood, if you see what I mean. Not a problem as far as I’m concerned, as it can be rather more pleasurable not to know, but to explore a thing, as it were, uncharted.

Smell occupies a pleasing atmosphere of strangeness that gives the imagination plenty to work on. More so by far than sight, hearing, or touch. Perhaps closest is taste, and there’s a reason for that, since part of the equipment for smelling shares some of taste’s space in the mouth. It is consequently a unending source of new sensations.

The object of Loggique is to explore the realm of scent and fragrance creating combinations and experiences that are memorable and enriching. We like to look on it as a kind of alchemy – not exactly chemistry, not exact at all, part art, part science, part accident, part inspiration.

For me, it is a lifetime’s journey but one that goes backward as much as forward, since scent is something that enables you to reach back in time to explore other eras and cultures through scent recipes passed down, or ingredients drawn form the furthest places.

Equally, it is ia an opportunity to discover one’s own ideas about scent and identity. Since one’s individual experience of scent is unique, it follows that the scents that appeal most to me may be different to you. I am endlessly fascinated by that concept and it is a great passion of mine to share my understanding of fragrances and guide you on your own exploration of a largely unfathomable but continually stimulating sphere.

The products that my team and I produce are all deeply conscientious and I think this is ultimately why we are different!


Making scents 4 You

What scent inspires you? Defines your house? Defines your identity?

Start with Loggique and open up a world of scent exploration and experimentation.


Making scents 4 Events

What greater gift to your Wedding guests than a bespoke scent and candles poured personally by you?

But what scent defines your magical event?
Trust Loggique to guide you through scent blending to the perfect fragrance for your special day.


Making scents 4 Brands

Scent is widely heralded as one of the best ways to engage clients with a brand. The creation of a scent logo has benefits from inception through to implementation. Engaging brand managers to blend their own scent logo is both liberating and empowering.

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