Making Scents 4 Events

Wanting to engage your clients in a high value, generous and meaningful way? Needing to create the most memorable of events?

The Loggique Candle Lab is ideal to create the most extraordinary engaging activity where everyone leaves with the most exquisite present - guaranteed to be exquisite as entirely blended by your guest.

Case study: “Copenhagen in London’, Jan 2019


Working for this prestigious trade association ‘Wonderful Copenhagen’, Loggique was commissioned to design Hygge scents which could be perfectly blended by their guests to make Danish inspired candles. The joy of the evening was the fun each participant had in blending their own Hygge scent. Would ‘Almond Porridge’ blend well with ‘Cinnamon Spices’ and would adding the smokey scent of ‘By the fire’ detract or add something to the candle? ‘Maple and Caramel’ was a unique scent where clients were either revolted or obsessed by it!

The workshop was a huge success and all 55 clients made personalised Hygge candles over a 3 hour time frame. The whole venue smelt Hygge and one could have easily mistaken the wine bar in Southwark for a basement bar in Copenhagen!!!


Loggique has run a large number of Candle Labs and can accommodate upto 120 people over a 4-hour time frame. The budget involves a per-participant material recharge of around £15-30 [depending on 1 or 2 candles per person] and a flat fee for the lab set-up and manning [approximately £500 per day]. Travel and accommodation are recharged at cost.

The day was a huge success and this is mainly due to your enthusiasm and embracing the concept of what we were trying to achieve with our brands.. you and your business with become firm partners of AccorHotels.
— Debi du Preez, M&E Strategic & Key Account Director, Accor Hotels UK and Ireland


Specifically for weddings, we offer a scent blending service where you brief us on your ideal scent and we can create it for you and you then come to the lab to then create all the candles for your wedding. The candles are recharged at an extremely economic price because we purchase in bulk and the scent blending work is typically around £300 depending on the complexity of the brief.

If you would like to discuss how Loggique could work 4 your event, simply use our contact form and we will be in touch asap.

Slowly touching planet earth again after the most amazing 3 days of our life - we had such a magical wedding it was perfect beyond expectations. Your candles where the cherry on the icing of the cake everyone LOVED it and the fragrance. Thank you so much for everything the room smelled of Italy it looked like Italy and even the sun felt like we were in Italy it was so beautiful. We sprayed the room spray in the sashes, it worked perfectly. Thank you thank you thank you
— Andre and Jake, London

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