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Welcome to Loggique.

We’re obsessed about scent and maybe you are too. We’re obsessed about keeping it pure and use only natural ingredients, vegetable waxes and non-toxic scents to create products that are completely free of the toxins inherent in petroleum based soaps and waxes.

Have you tried one of our products and identified with the scent? Let’s talk ..

Do you ever wonder why some aromas appeal to you and others repel?

Have you ever thought that scents you choose might be an expression of your identity as much as an influence on mood or emotion?

Can you imagine creating a scent that is individual and might be true to you?


Why not join us for a day of discovery about the history, chemistry and composition of scent, the art of blending and to develop your own unique fragrance to use in candles, toiletries and diffusers. Learn more ..

You guide on this journey is Pauline Bickerton, scent-maker-alchemist of Loggique, who will transfer some of her enthusiasm and deep knowledge of this enthralling subject in the surroundings of her enchanting medieval home.

To see the complete workshop contents, click here or if you would like something tailored to you, use our Contact Form and we’ll put something together to suit your needs. Alternatively just call us on 07545127 264 and we’ll organise it directly.

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Loggique, Letheringham Lodge, Letheringham, Woodbridge, IP13 0NA, Suffolk, UK
Tel: 07545 127 264

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